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RWS Historical News

Redwood Shores Inc. 1984

Satellite Map 1984

San Mateo Times 1984

Marine World's leaving, what's next for site?

Redwood Shores Inc. 1985

Promotional Brochure 1985

Redwood Shores Inc. 1985

New Homes Guide 1985

Redwood Shores Inc. 1985

Satellite Map 1985

San Francisco Examiner October 1987

Redwood Shores: a new little town


Redwood Shores Inc. 1988

Land Use Proposal

Redwood Shores Inc. 1988

Land Use Outline: A Marina/Retail?

Lock System to Bay?

Proposed, never realized.

Redwood City Tribune 1988

Redwood Shores, still growing,

has caught nation's eye

Redwood Shores Inc. 1991

Satellite Map 1991

Redwood Shores Inc. 1993

Satellite Map 1993

San Francisco Chronicle 1994

Housing Boom's Fallout

San Francisco Examiner 1994

Building boom at Redwood Shores reshapes community

San Mateo Times 1994

Shores office project proposed

San Jose Mercury News 1996

Shores is stuck in the mud no more

San Mateo County Times 1996

School of its own for Redwood Shores

San Mateo Times 1996

New Redwood Shores homes fuel

building boom in Redwood City

San Francisco Chronicle 1996

Real Estate Plum Ripening

in Redwood Shores

Worth Magazne June 2001

The 250 Richest Towns

A ranking of wealth in America

Redwood Shores #101

Forbes Magazine 2009

'America's Top-selling Neighborhoods

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Redwood Shores History


In the early 1960s a new community began to form. Leslie Salt, Inc. acquired 1400+ acres and the unique area that was to become Redwood Shores had its beginning. The area needed a city to belong to. Both Belmont and San Carlos had no interest. Redwood City said, "Join us!"

Leslie Salt, Inc. formed Leslie Salt Properties and the work began. Step one was  financing the project. Following in the path of Foster City, a general improvement district known as GID-1-1964 was established with the approval of the California Assembly.


From 1966 to 1968 the initial improvements were constructed. On May 20, 1968, the City Council approved the final map for the first housing units. 156 single family homes and 38 attached residences were the beginning of this new and unique community.

In the spring of 1971 negotiations began for new ownership of Redwood Shores. Mobil Oil Estates, LTD. acquired Redwood Shores on February 29, 1973. At that time there were 570 existing housing units. A new master plan blended housing and commercial projects and was adopted in 1975. The 200 acre lagoon system was soon to be realized.

The next few years involved the next building phase. Since then, the Redwood Shores real estate market has really grown. In the late 1980s and 90s, significant growth saw the development of several new housing projects.

More recent community development projects have included the addition of new housing, Redwood Shores Elementary and the Redwood Shores Library.

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