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HOA Information

Most properties in Redwood Shores belong to a

Homeowners Association. All properties built since

1980 belong to two separate associations.

Even properties built before 1980 still have CC&R's

that affect any changes to the house.

Redwood Shores Owners Association

There are 26 wonderful residential developments (each with its own local home owners association) and 4 beautiful rental apartment complexes, and one cooperative within RSOA's legal jurisdictional boundaries. RSOA is composed of a total of 4,084 households that is approximately 80% of the overall population of Redwood Shores and nearly 15% of Redwood City households.  RSOA provides for the management, administration, maintenance, preservation, and architectural control of the residence lots and common area within its geographic boundaries. 

RSOA also promotes the health, safety, welfare, and overall residential quality of life, for its member residents. Visit for complete information. The dues for 2020 are $84./yearly.

Design Board for Properties Built before 1981

If you live in a home not covered by the Redwood Shores Owners association, or live in a Redwood Shores property built before 1981, you may need an approval from a Design Review Board with oversight over your subdivision. The Architectural Design Board ('ADB') of the Redwood Shores Community Association ('RSCA') may have responsibility for oversight in your subdivision.  Contact the RSCA's Architectural Design Review Board).   You may also need an architectural approval or other permit from the City of Redwood City. Check with the City Planning Division at (650) 780-7234.

List of Management Companies

Every individual association will have a separate management company. That management company manages the finances, collects the monthly dues and is the resource for obtaining copies of documents to be transferred to a new homeowner.  Below is a link to a list of all HOA's by management company and cross referenced by each street.

Redwood Shores Community Association

The RSCA is a voluntary association. This association is concerned with:

  • Community Advocacy: RSCA brings to the forefront, topical matters of concern, advising civic and community leaders on relevant matters such as the environment, levee access, traffic, and generally improving overall quality of life:

  • Community Information: RSCA through its publication “The PILOT” (distributed at no cost throughout the Shoes) delivers timely information to our residents and businesses. Keeping our community informed, RSCA sponsors forums such as “City Council Candidate’s Forum”, and annual “State of The City” and other meetings that keep our citizens informed on pertinent issues.

  • Community Activities: RSCA sponsors many community events where our neighbors and children get to meet and enjoy special times during holidays. Events such as the Spring Eggstravaganza, Concerts in The Park, Annual Levee Clean-up, Annual Halloween Parade; Santa Comes to the Shores, Light Up the Shores and more.

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